Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sassy Abby Speaks Again.

This morning, Abby wasn't bitter--just funny. A middle aged woman wrote in saying that she was uncomfortable driving at night, because she couldn't see well enough and felt not only disoriented, but that she was a danger to others on the road. The woman's daughter was insisting that her mom just needed to bolster up her confidence (how hard it is for us to recognize our parents' physical ailments). At the end of her letter the woman asked, "Is this all in my head?"

Abby, comfortingly, replied thusly:

"DEAR GAIL: Yes and no. Because your eyes are located in your head -- on that score you are correct. However, your problem is your vision, not an overactive imagination...."

And it goes on from there.


Anonymous said...

This is exactly what I would have said to that person! Also, my opinions of elderly drives is well documented, so I probably would have voiced my own concerns if I were Abby.

Becky said...

Abby did go on to assure the woman she should take her fears seriously, see an ophthamologist (sp?), and not be bullied into dangerous driving by her daughter. But that part wasn't entertaining so I didn't include it here.