Friday, August 1, 2008

Anxious in Ann Arbor

I've been plotting this blog in my mind for months now, and I'm excited to finally get started! Although I have lots of retroactive posts in my head (posts that, no doubt, would wow you with my credentials to do exactly what I'm doing here!), I am disappointed to report that I can no longer access many of the relevant columns. that I think about it, this will be a major problem later on, as links to new columns wither and die. I'll think about that tomorrow, as Scarlett would say.

For now, let me assure you, about the only thing I'm qualified to advise anyone on, is advice columns. Since I know I'll be overeager at the beginning--and since I don't have to work tomorrow--I'll try to post something about each of my key columnists. Hopefully this will introduce you to them (if you're not already old friends) and also give me a chance to work out what this blog is going to be.

Carry on, gentle readers!


Anne said...

Becks, do you still have a copy of that letter of yours that CL printed? You should post it. It was a good one.

My name is Becky. said...

I printed out a bunch of them, but I'll have to try to find them. I tried to dig deep into the Cheryl Lavin archives and unearth the original column, but I couldn't do it.