Friday, February 6, 2009

Links: Weak!

I just realized, to my chagrin, that more often than not when linking to columns on this blog, I link to the columnists main page, not to the specific column I want (with the date or ID number specifying it in the URL). This happens because I'm usually writing about a column on the same day it was posted, so it shows up on the main page. Also I'm usually either writing early in the morning or late at night and I'm not really with it.

Anyway, it's unfortunate because (obviously) those links don't work after 24 hours, or a week at most. I tried to go back and fix, but most papers don't let you browse back more than a couple of weeks (I do think that correctly linked columns will take you back to older content, I just can't seem to get to it without the link).

I apologize for my poor blogging/archiving technique! And resolve to do better in the future.

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